Non-contact - Disinfection Agents Donor Disinfection Stand


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The non-contact disinfection station is a combination of an automatic non-contact disinfection fluid dispenser with a fixed stand on which the device is attached. The solution is intended for all public areas where such a disinfectant must be set up in one place where customers or pedestrians move and on which it is difficult to assemble such a dispenser on the wall.


The stand consists of durable materials and was placed on a solid and stable base so that there is no fear that the station is overturns and damaged the device.


Non-contact dispenser

The non-contact automatic dispenser Spray 8600 is a product of the highest quality that meets expectations even more demanding people. The automatic dispenser can be mounted on a wall or on a stand so that it can be placed wherever it is needed. The use of a non-contact automatic dispenser for disinfecting fluid or soap is a very hygienic solution because no buttons for spraying the disinfectant must be pressed and therefore do not come into contact with bacteria that may have settled on the housing of such a dispenser. Thanks to the lower need to touch the donor, the potential exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses is also reduced.

Such a dispenser is a product that will certainly be used in any office, office, any school or business as well as any other public location visited by a large number of people.

Advantages of the automatic donor:

Soap or liquid is served without contact and automatically;
- much more hygienic than conventional;
- can be mounted on a wall or on a stand;
- ability to regulate the dose;
- Power supply via AA batteries or via a power supply (not included);
- 1.2 liter capacity;
- Infrared motion sensor;
- Housing made of durable ABS plastic;
- Save energy;
- very long life;


Technical data of the donor:

- Power supply: 4 x AA batteries or 6V / 1A power supply;

- motion sensor of 8-12 cm;
- Material - ABS plastic;
- The donor has a 1200 ml container for multiple use (no restrictions on the type of fluid used and the gel used).
- Infrared motion sensor;
- contain wall plugs and screws;
- CE certificate and admission to the European mark