PLA "Organic plastic" - cover cover / workplace coverage

Earth Legacy

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  • Lying editions made of pla (polylactide) "organic plastic" from renewable raw materials:
  • 10 pieces of cardboard / 20 pieces per role
  • Color: green "nature" or black or white
  • Size: 78cm x 220cm
  • Practical individual extraction by pride -to -cut
  • The lying cover is 100 % vegetable and 100 % plastic -free. .

    The products are very versatile and have been developed to replace the need for cling film- many artists even use them to wrap tattoos and cover lounger! The material from which the products are made have a natural lighting statics that contributes to the material on the equipment.

    In order to improve the natural static properties of this material, we recommend spraying the area with water or cleaning agents easily before attaching the cover. This reduces the need for additional products such as adhesive tape to secure them safely.