Silverback Ink® Insta10shade Gray Wash Series - Shade 03 120ml (4oz)


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  • Insta Shade 03
  • 120ml (4oz)

Silverback Insta10shade Gray Wash Series - Shade 03 is the third brightest color of Insta10shade Gray Wash Series.

Each number of the INSTA10shade series is precisely premixed to give a unique and consistent Gray Wash hue - Insta 1 is the brightest and Insta 10 of the darkest (around a sound brighter than unstablack).

Never Mixing Mixing Mixing Mixing and Experiencing more uniform color transitions - thanks to the concentrated formula of the INSTA10shade series.

What is the difference between the Insta10shade series and the 'original' and 'Dark' rows?

Below we present a list of different colors of the INSTA10Series:

  • Insta1 - Insta4 are the 'original' series similar (xxx1-xxx4)
  • Insta5 - Insta7 can be compared to the 'Dark' series (Dark 6, Dark 66, Dark 666)
  • Insta8-10 ... darker than all Gray Wash shades we have ever offered !!

INSTA10Shade colors are manufactured in a sterile system and are tested and certified for the EU (EU Regulation Resap (2008) 1). Real horny gray wash colors especially for the tattoo needs.

Made in the US and suitable for vegans!