I at the Ink-Second Generation 1 Silver-50ml


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  • "I at the Ink-Second Generation 1 Silver-50ml"
  • Made in Austria
  • Corresponds to the REACH guidelines
  • 1 silver
  • 50ml
  • It is known: You want to stick to the tattoo regulations, but has no interest in compromising in the end result.

Classic BNG is created with a range of dilutions starting from its master black. Already the highest in white is no longer a classic BNG.

Tätowers of modern times even go a step further and show what is already possible today everything on effects. By a few, dropletwise addition of white into the black color you can reach other results with a perceived color depth, or opacity - the tattoos appear plastic.

The problem: starting from a greywash where the brightest gradation is lasing, a Silverwash the brightest tone must wear the largest share of white. Mix the tattoo artist itself his Silverwash, is the likelihood of an unsatisfactory because spotty horned tattoo, relatively large.

The Second Generation Silverwashes from I am Ink offers you a prefabricated adaptation of your Greywash gradations as Silverwash. Stiring machine, the black / white mixes reach the best and homogeneous blends, which are very easy to process and provide optimal results.

The Silvertashes is available in three gradations:

  • Silver 1: The brightest silver tone corresponds to the Sumi 1 from graduation
  • Silver 2: The middle silver tone corresponds to the Sumi 2 from graduation
  • Silver 3: The darkest silver tone corresponds to the Sumi 3 from graduation