100% Black - 150 ml - Alpha Superfluid - Reachkinform

Dynamic Color VIKING INK

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  • 150ml
  • REACH compliant
  • 100% black = highly concentrated black, ideal for cover up and extreme blackwork.

"Advanced Skin Sealing" technology- More in the skin! The Alpha Superfluid features an optimized pores closing effect. This closes the puncture site and prevents bleeding of the color, thus remains more black in the skin from the beginning.

"Easy-Flow" technology- Lighter in the skin! The carrier system of the pigment is thin and has a low surface tension. As a result, the color is optimally absorbed by the needle with utilization of the capillary effect and transported into the skin. It allows a very fast and effective working, with minimal violation of the skin.

For the new Alpha Superfluid, only PAH-free high-performance pigments from German production are used. They are azo-safe, heavy metal tested, Ndela free, without preservatives, with cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersants, without animal testing, vegan and of course sterile made.