Sterillium® Virugard HandSedInfectant- 500ml & 1000ml


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  • 500ml or 1000ml in donor bottle
  • Bode Sterillium® Virugard Handing Infectant
    The highly effective, virucide hands disinfectant for all risk ranges.
    Details at a glance
    • Dye and perfume free
    • Norovirus effectiveness * within the hygienic Handshake
    • Full of Viruzid: comprehensively effectively against filled and unloaded viruses


    The Bode Sterilium® Virugard HandSedInfectant is RKI-listed in the action areas A and B and the skin-compatible alternative to chlorine and phosphoric acid products.

    The Bode Sterilium® Virugard HandSedInfectant is suitable for hygienic and surgical Handshake. Thanks to its full virulidal spectrum Sterilium Virugard reliable comprehensive support in the occurrence of unfulfilled viruses, is ideally suited for inactivating very stable non-loaded viruses such as enteroviruses or papillomaviruses and for all work areas with increased risk of infection.