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The Candy V2 model comes with the unique modular design that opens up a lot of options for changing vice sizes, upper motor housing with different sideplates and much more.

This is the version with a brass vice. Brass vice is great for absorbing the vibrations. Because it's heavier at the bottom the balance and the feel in the hand is great, especially if you use the batteries. The bulky brass vice offset the weight of the battery.


Left-handed tattoers, this model is designed for you too. Now you can easily detach and switch the side of the vice by unlocking just one screw.


The Candy module is known for the use of spring wires instead of the bearing and classic a-bar.

This drive system is very durable and lightweight, designed to eliminate any unnecessary stress from the motor but also providing you a very sharp hit.


This machine also offers you to choose between clip-cord and RCA connector. You have the options to use it with batteries or with the clip-cord cable


It has a very long stroke 4+mm which is proven by many tattoers to be excellent for lining as well for packing and stippling.

Every tattooer use it differently but technically it can do it all.
The machine works with the traditional needles as well with carts. Simplicity

Simplistic design with option to choose the sideplate of your choice. I always keep available sideplates colors on my Instagram - “highlight section” so be sure to check that out.

It's a “plug and play” out of the box type of a machine, no need to adjust anything, no maintenance needed.

*Keep sterilants away from all moving and electrical components! -sterilants are corrosive and will damage your machine if used carelessly. Weight: 145 grams/4.95Oz

-sterilants are corrosive and will damage your machine if used carelessly