Machete Power Supply - Cheyenne - Special Edition


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This model has been specially designed to seamlessly couple to Cheyenne machines that use the 3.5 mm jack connector, so you can enjoy the purest experience of using your Cheyenne without any conversion between the power and your motor. Additionally, this model also comes with the standard 6.35 mm jack, so it works with any other machine cord.
Please note that despite having 2 outputs they are not independent (both work in parallel)!

We have also developed a New NITRO jumpstart profile for an improved starting experience. This new NITRO boost is now especially suited for the new Brushless motors such as those found in the Sol Nova or Sol Terra machines.

MUSOTOKU Power Supply is one of the most powerful power stations you can get at this very small size. It delivers 5 Amps of power which will make your machines run smoothly, but solid and consistent.

The power supply is designed to work in any country in the world, no matter if you are using 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. Its design ensures that your voltage is always stable even with the annoying fluctuations of power that plague the conventions.


- 5 Amps Consistent Power
- x2 Output Connectors: 3.5 mm + Standard Jack (both work in parallel)
- 2 - 16V in 0.1V Steps
- x3 Types of Pedal: Standard, Continuous Mode (Free-Foot), One-Touch pedal
- New NITRO Boost improved for Brushless Motors
- Works with Coil and Rotary machines
- 4 Memory Presets
- Auto Power-off
- Run Timer of hours-minutes. It will count session time (not needle time)
- Heavy duty connectors. The best we have found!
- Rear nut compatible with MUSOTOKU stands and also with many photography and GoPro accessories
- Build-in aluminum for the best durability and weight balance

Technical details:
- Weight: 169grams
- Dimensions: 116X72mm, 24mm height
- Material: 2mm aircraft grade solid aluminium
- Made in Spain
- 1 year warranty

Package includes
MUSOTOKU Power Supply 5 Amps [3.5mm model]
Cheyenne Sample Box of Capillary Cartridges
100-240V Power adapter included with EU plug
Basic Support (GoPro sticker based)