OM tattoo Power supply Black (Acid Brass Plate Special)

Hard Craft Company

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  • Motion sensor to turn on and off your machine avoiding cross contamination. It is placed on the left side panel of the power supply. Check the pictures.
  • Special Acid Washed Brass Plate Edition. Unique pieces, each one is different.
  • 4 Amps RMS, 7 Amps peak.
  • Two outputs (you can plug two machines).
  • 3 memories per machine, 6 memories in total. In every memory you can save a voltage and the footswitch mode. Every little circle on the bottom of the screen is a memory.
  • Ranurated encoder allows to encrease 0.1V per step. The encoder has also a push button to turn ON and OFF the machine output.
  • 2 Fooswitch modes. A normal mode and special mode that allows you to use your plates footswitch as an interruptor (once pressed you can release your feet and it keeps going until you press again).
  • 4 ways to turn on and off your machine. (Footswitch mode 1, Footswitch mode 2, button on knob, motion sensor)
  • Chronometer with hours, minutes and seconds.
  • 4 neodinium magnets (20 Kg of strenght).
  • High grade aluminium casing.
  • Black Powder coat paint (hard against scratches and hits).
  • Travel case included.
  • High bright 1,3′ screen with plastic protector.
  • best quality electronic components.
  • Intiutive interface, Easy to use.