Baby Blue - 1 oz. (approx. 30 ml)

Dynamic Platinum

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Dynamic Platinum is a tattoo color that is completely compliant with the REACH guidelines. All colors of the Dynamic Platinum series meet strict legal guidelines that ensure their security and suitability for a wide range of tattoo applications.

Dynamic's tattoo colors are vegan and free of animal experiments, which underlines their commitment to ethical methods. By avoiding animal ingredients and animal experiments, Dynamic corresponds to the growing demand for vegan products in the tattoo industry.

High -quality, pre -disposed colors: The Dynamic Platinum Tattoo Color series contains first -class tattoo paints, which are known for their extraordinary pigment concentration. These colors are formulated for a smooth color flow and are ideal for different tattoo tasks, since they enable a smooth application and enable efficient healing. The result is shining, long -lasting tattoos that remain bright and clear and contribute to the satisfaction of the customers.

In order to meet the problem of counterfeiting product, the Dynamic Platinum colors are delivered in transparent PET bottles, which are sealed with a holographic label with the Dynamic Color Logo. This serves for counterfeiting and guarantees authenticity. In addition, the sterile condition of the product is guaranteed by hot seals with the seal of approval from Dynamic Color.

Most important properties:

Corresponds to the REACH guidelines
Vegan and animal test -free
High -quality pre -disperied colors
Formulated for an even color flow
Efficient application and curing
Lively, long -lasting results
Forgery packaging

  • 1oz (30ml)
  • Baby Blue