Baktolin® Pure wash lotion


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Lieferzeit 1-3 Werktage

  • 500ml or 1000ml in donor bottle
  • Mild, perfume and dye-free washing lotion with good skin compatibility for normal skin.

    • Cleans thoroughly
    • with modern, skinmild surfactants
    • Soap and alkaline free
    • skin-friendly pH
    • dye-free

    Wherever a change of change is indicated, e.g. in different hospital areas, in medical practices, domestic care ranges, massage practices. Baktolin® Pure is also used for body wash as well as showering and bathing. Baktolin® PURE has a skin-neutral pH value, which, together with the skin magic surfactants, ensures gentle cleaning and the preservation of the natural acid protection coat of the skin. Even with intensive use, the skin remains smooth and well maintained and the natural acid protection coat is preserved.

    Baktolin® PURE can be seen either via dispenser systems or from bottles with dosing pump. With the practical rocker lever closure, the product can also be quickly and dropped directly from the bottle. Remove approx. 2 - 3 ml of Baktolin®Basic of the bottle or the dispenser for the hand washing, with water pancakes, rinse well and dry hands carefully. Baktolin®Basic can also be used for body cleaning (showers, bathing). For showers, Baktolin®Basic is used as commercially available shower lotion.