Chroma - Violet - Infarctage


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Chroma Quality Colors was developed over 30 years ago by one of the most competent tattoo pigment mixers in the industry. After years in which other artists asked how these live venues arise colors, Jerome Aniska and Antonio Guardascione started the production with all the knowledge.

  • Violet
  • 2oz (about 60ml)
  • Soft bottle for best handling
  • With Artist2 label (note for no official approval as tattoo color)


Chroma Quality Colors are known in the US and the world extremely well as good and high quality artist colors. There is no permission as tattoo paints in Europe. Therefore, we do not sell any of these colors for use as tattoo paints. Krautz Ironz GmbH is not responsible for the misusable and improper use of the artist inks and therefore does not guarantee this use beyond this use. The customer bears the sole responsibility for this.