Complete set - "Bishop X Critical" - Power Wand


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The innovative heads of Bishop Rotary and Critical Tattoo have teamed up to design an absolute masterpiece - and they did it! Here is the ... Power wall.

The Power Wand combines Critical's battery technology with the best properties of the best pens of Bishop. The Power Wand has a patented magnetic rear wall, to which the exclusively compatible Bishop X Critical batteries can be easily attached.

Choose between the 5.0 liner, 4.2 packers or 3.5 shader. You can find out what is included in the Power Wand complete set.

This Power Wand complete set contains everything you need for the ultimate wireless experience in your studio and on the go.

  • X1 Power Wand (Choose the Liner 5.0mm, Packer 4.2mm, or Shader 3.5mm)
  • X1 Power Wand Battery Pack (1500mAh)
  • X1 Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAh)
  • X1 Critical Universal Battery Dock (X2 Battery Slots)
  • X1 Power Wand RCA Adapter
  • X1 7FT RCA Cord (length: 2.13m)
  • X1 6ft charging cable for Dock (1.83m)

What distinguishes the power wall from the existing Bishop wall?

The entire technical mechanics (Hübe/engines/grip dimensions) is the same as for the normal walls. The difference is the magnetic rear plate, which is now flush with the Critical Connect firmware - if desired. It ensures a much more compact design of the machine and has a more appealing design (the battery no longer protrudes from the machine).

Just change the power source

The Power Wand is perfect for everyone who wants to stay true to their wired wall, or for those who want to get into the Power Wand Family and the world of wireless tattoo.

Critical Connect

For artists who want to work wirelessly, there is it Power wall complete set.

The Bishop X Critical batteries are equipped with Critical Connect, i.e. they are with the Critical Connect foot switch (available separately) compatible so that the power wall can be continuously or temporarily controlled with a foot switch. The Bishop X Critical batteries can be easily connected to the power wall using a magnet.

The lightest available setup

The Power Wand + Shorty Battery offers enormous performance with little weight (11.18cm long and only 150g!).