Dynamic - Union Black Tattoo Ink - 1 or 8 Oz. Bottle (Reach compliant)


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  • Original Dynamic!

  • Size: 1oz (approx. 30ml) or 8oz (approx. 240ml)

    A new variant of an old classic. This REACH-compliant ink was specially developed for compliance with the European regulations of 2022 and is not disappointed. The ultra-rich black black has the same consistency and kindness as our tried and tested OG black with a somewhat matt finish. Ideal for lining and packing in solid, ultra -sparkling black areas. If it is mixed for washing, a smooth, almost pastel -colored finish is created.

    Our black ink is proudly manufactured in the USA and is considered one of the most impressive pigment content on the market. This highly effective ink can be easily wiped off the skin to enable a maximum working speed and a cleaner canvas. With Dynamic Color Black Ink on your needle, there are no limits to your own imagination.


    Pre -disturbed ink in professional quality: Dynamic Color is proudly produced in the USA and offers tattoo paint in premium quality with the most impressive pigment content in the industry. Our inks are known for their even flow speed and can withstand everything - from precise detailed work to outlined and shades.

    Authentic and hygienic: We are aware of the large amount of fraudulent products on the market, which is why all dynamic color ink in crystal-clear PET bottles are delivered with a counterfeit-proof coating with the Dynamic logo. Even our hot seals, which secure your sterilized product, carry the Dynamic Color seal of approval.

    Proven, reliable healing: Say goodbye to stubborn healing processes or dissatisfied customers. Dynamic color tattoo colors can be pulled in smooth and healing lively for a noticeably living result that can pass the test of the time. And with skin in the game since 1990 we are serious when we say that our inks have proven themselves.

    Strong, shining, long -lasting colors: every artist earns high -quality tattoo paint. Our highly pigmented inks are available in an extended range of 30 colors and can be mixed to create your own custom mixtures. With Dynamic Color tattoo paint in your needle, there are no limits to your own imagination.

    Vegan and never tested on animals: Dynamic Color products do not contain animal products and are never tested on furry friends. Our tattoo colors are safe on the skin, better for the environment and ultimately for your general health.

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