Emerald Green - 1 oz. (approx. 30 ml)

Dynamic Color VIKING INK

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Dynamic Color and Viking Ink are two brands of tattoo paints, which are estimated by tattoo artists worldwide.

In the past 2 years, they have worked together on a line of REACH-certified products that they now offer in Europe. The formulas and pigments used for this line even exceed the strictest European standards and offer excellent quality.

  • Corresponds to the latest EU REACH regulations

  • Vegan and animal test -free

  • Sterilized by radiation

  • Does not contain carcinogenic

  • Volume: 30 ml

  • Emerald Green

  • SDS Sheet: https://dynamiccolor.eu/pages/alemania-sds-sheets

  • Full Reach Compliant also in 2023

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