Folding box magazine Varioplus ProFlip - different versions


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  • The allit folding box magazine offers you a good overview of your small parts: whether color caps, dri-locical pads or whatever. These can be quickly sorted into the folding pouring and easily removed. With the help of the innovative assembly system including integrated water scale, the magazine quickly and easily oriented it on the wall.
  • Allit folding box magazine for dust-free visual storage Folding pouring out To be put on or attach to the wall Innovative fastening system including water scales Available in different versions
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 compartments
    • 3 compartments Each: height 161mm x width 149mm x depth 176mm
    • 4 compartments each: height 133mm x width 128mm x depth 125mm
    • 5 compartments each: height 107mm x width 97mm x depth 99mm
    • 6 compartments each: height 69mm x width 69mm x depth 79mm
  • Width 60cm
  • Color: white / light gray