Green Soap / Green Soap - 1000ml concentrate

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  • Green soap 1000ml concentrate 
  • Cleans gently and cares for the skin.
  • It contains collagen and elastin who regenerate, strengthen and smooth the skin. Aloe extract relieves irritation.
  • By adding glycerin, the skin is supplied with moisture and greasy.
  • Preparation for external application
  • The concentrate should be diluted with water in a ratio of 5-10% soap.
  • Made in Germany.

The ultimate green soap: clean and care for your skin!

The search for the perfect soap, which not only cleans thoroughly, but also maintains your skin, has an end! Our high -quality green soap is the ultimate product for your daily skin care. With its unique formula, it offers you unsurpassed quality and ensures pure cleanliness. Our soap contains only the best natural ingredients that your skin will love. It is free of harmful chemicals and parabens.

Pure cleanliness, unsurpassed quality - green soap

Our green soap is more than just a cleaning agent. It is a real care experience for your skin. Our soap was carefully developed to thoroughly remove dirt, oil and impurities while at the same time supplies and cares for your skin with moisture. The result is a skin that is not only clean, but also healthy and radiant. Use our green soap not only for the skin, but also for cleaning hair, clothing and much more. Their versatile application makes it an indispensable product in the household.