Ink Booster - 250 ml / 8.5 OZ - Made in Germany

DC Invention Company

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  • We propose a new cream with the name Ink Booster, which will soon replace a series of American products in Europe.
  • Reduces reddening of the skin
  • Free from silicone & mineral oil
  • 250ml
  • Made in Germany
    Ink Booster is not a product for post -treatment!
    It can be used before and during tattooing.
    It is a vegan product.
    It activates blood circulation.
    Work for a good flow of the ink and prepare the skin at longer sessions.
    It is a petroleum jelly especially for tattooing.
    The brand name of the product is called D. C. Products.
    It is a product manufactured in Austria.
    More and more of our artists have started to use it and are very satisfied with the results they achieve.
    Recommended by Cheyenne!