Light4Vision - Lumina Max - Floor Lamp - Black

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  • The max version of the Lumina lamp has a larger light source, more lumens (950 compared to 690) and the color temperature can be set a little higher (6800K compared to 6500K).

    The Lumina Max floor lamp is an adjustable LED light that can be placed on any flat surface and serves to light large areas.
    This lamp has a modern design, has a light diffuser and does not get hot during use.

    The lamp is equipped with a 5-stage dimmer with which the light intensity and five Kelvin color temperatures can be set.
    The settings are made via the buttons on the lamp or via the supplied remote control.

    Technical specifications: Length of the lamp head: 21.5 cm arm length (swan neck): 163.5 cm diameter of the foot: 22 cm Weight: 2.6 kg of light specifications: LED lumen: 950 lux at 30 cm: 2900 color temperature (Kelvin): 2700K Up to 6800k dimensions of the packaging: Length: 44 cm width: 25.9 cm depth: 5cm weight: 3 kg

    The remote control requires two AAA (LR03) batteries. The batteries are not included in the scope of the lamp.