Luna Pigment - Burn orange - paint color

Luna Pigment

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Handmade Pigment by Robert Curtis of Austin, TX. Thesis colors have been Being made by hand Since 1991. They are known to be Brightand Boldand are used by some of the best in the world.
  • Burnn Orange
  • A brown tone with an orange base. Also usable as Flesh Tone!
  • 4Oz (approx. 120ml)
  • Exclusive in Europe with us!
Due to the many fine pigments, it is necessary to shake the bottle intensively before use, especially at Luna Pigment.

    Luna Pigment are extremely known in the USA and the world as good and high -quality artist colors. There is no permission as tattoo colors. That is why we do not sell any of these colors for use as tattoo colors. Krautz Ironz GmbH is not responsible for the misuse and not intended use of the artist colors and therefore gives no guarantee beyond this use. The customer bears the sole responsibility for this.