Pyolysin® - Panthenol tattoo aftercare ointment - 6 grams - Exp: 01-2024


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- 6 grams of tube as a part of the customer

What is pyolysin panthenol?

Panthenol, also called Dexpanthenol or Provitamin B5, is the preliminary stage of a B vitin. Panthenol is very well -compatible and has moisturizing, skin -looking and regenerative properties. That is why panthenol is often used in wound and healing ointments.
Thanks to the panthenol content, Pyolysin® Panthenol contributes to strengthening the skin structure and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. This makes Pyolysin® Panthenol ideal for maintaining irritated and dry skin.

The dermatest 5-star seal

A test was carried out on tattooed skin and in this clinical application observation, Pyolysin® Panthenol with "very good" result. In the investigation, Pyolysin® Panthenol was used twice a day in primarily fresh tattoos, i.e. tattoos 3-4 days after the jump-off. Pyolysin® Panthenol was strengthened by the skin protection barrier and an increase in the skin's damp holding capacity. Pyolysin® Panthenol has been proven to contribute to the regeneration of tattooed skin. Thus Pyolysin® Panthenol can also wear the 5-star seal from Dermatest (09/2021). In addition, the
Compatibility of Pyolysin® Panthenol in the so -called epicutaneous or patch test. There were no allergic reactions. Pyolysin® Panthenol was therefore awarded the “very good” seal.