Sombra Grays - Classic Wash Dark

Sombra Grays

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  • Classic wash dark - without acrylic or paints. The classic Dark Wash of Sombra Grays for smaller needle configurations to have no "blow out" at LINEN. Perfect for transitions, shadows and dotting.
  • Filling amount 4oz. (about 120ml)
  • Organic (Bio) with the highest quality pigments
  • Distilled water, hamamelis, alcohol and propite additives

Sombra Grays are extremely known in the US as good and high quality artist colors. There is no permission than tattoo paints. Therefore, we do not sell any of these colors for use as tattoo paints. Krautz Ironz GmbH is not responsible for the misusable and improper use of the artist inks and therefore does not guarantee this use beyond this use. The customer bears the sole responsibility for this.