Sugar Tubes - Angled Round Liners / Open Mag Shaders - handle

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  • Original Sugar Tubes
  • 15 Sugar Tubes / Box
  • Sugar Tubes have a dimensional rear tube and a thicker wall to prevent bending, vibration and crack formation that occur so often in inferior products. The transparent mint tips are made of medical plastic, which in turn ensures a smoother and stiffer tip. The result of our higher quality tips is a lower air resistance. The tips of the Sugar Tubes  have a large inner trough that enables a problem -free filling and flowing of the ink and easy washing.

  • The handle? Well, the handle has a great shape with a square bar for better control and is well in hand. 1.3 " / 33mm to counteract. in size.

  • In combination with Unicorn Needles, in our opinion you can't go wrong.